Have a Sexy Halloween

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Have a sexy Halloween this year and turn this fun usually fright filled night into an opportunity to spice things up in the bedroom. Instead of roaming the neighborhood streets looking for sweets, give your lover some eye candy and a seductive evening that will lead to a hot and sensuous lovemaking frolic.

Dressing up as other people is a fantastic way for couples to break routine and explore different facets of their relationship. Wearing a costume encourages both partners to engage in new behaviors and interact in novel ways.

Halloween is that one day each year that adults can be anyone they want to be without being judged. A time where almost any piece of clothing that we would normally consider unacceptable in public gets a green light.

A night we are actually given permission and even encouraged to be a little naughty and explore our dark, racy or daring side.

It's the perfect occasion to let your hair down, free your inner exhibitionist or live out one of your favorite fantasies without having to feel guilty and cheap or worrying about other people gossiping about you.

Sexy Halloween Costumes

To achieve the most success from your sexy Halloween both partners should pick a costume that does two things. It should make the person wearing it feel sexy, aroused and seductive and it should enchant and stimulate their lover as well.

If you or your lover have always had a fantasy of you being a Stripper, Belly Dancer, Playboy Bunny or high priced Call Girl, tonight's the night to make it come true. Of course you can always stick with some of the more tamer options like a Sexy Nurse, Hot Policewoman, Enchanting Witch or Seductive Cat Woman as well. Instead of being a desperate housewife, how about being a sultry, seductive housewife who has eyes only for the man she loves.

Have a Sexy Halloween

A great idea for men is an enchanting Pirate or alluring Medical Doctor. What woman wouldn't love to be seduced by a Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean look alike or Dreamy Patrick Dempsey clone? Other ideas for men may include a Studley Construction Worker, Charming Gigolo, Suave Private Detective or Hot Chippendale Man.

Or it could be a theme dress up for the both of you, such as the French Maid and Butler, Naughty Nurse and Doctor, or even Tarzan and Jane. Use this as an opportunity to explore some of your favorite fantasies.

I'm sure you get the idea. Put on your sexy creative thinking cap and come up with whatever is most effective for you and your partner. You want this to be the sexiest Halloween possible. Don't be afraid to be bold and try something really wild. Remember it's Halloween! You're allowed to be whatever you want to be. If you need a little help, you can find some great sexy halloween costumes at EdenFantasys.

Sexy Halloween Seduction

Once you've got your costume picked out, there are several ways this sexy Halloween night can unfold. If you're going to an actual party with other people then it will play out a little differently than a night alone.

If you're going to a public party, then spend your evening teasing and tantalizing your partner. Make sure the costume you've chosen will not only be eye candy for him or her, but everyone in the room. It will drive your partner mad seeing how sexy you are to others. Make your partner ache for you. Play hard to get.

Wink from across the room, give them a peak of something private when no one else is looking. Grope or caress your partners buttocks or package under the table. Nibble on her neck in the corner of the room.

Don't just wear the sexy Halloween costume, play the role. Whatever costume you've chosen then act the part. If you're a Hot Cat woman, then purr and rub. If you're a high priced Call Girl or Gigolo then flirt and show off your God given assets. If you're a Suave Private Detective then drill her with intimate questions about her sexual desires and thoughts.

Slip off into a closet, bathroom or hallway and make out passionately, then return to the party. Let the passion and desire build.

Then once you go home have your own bewitching party.

Sexy Halloween Party for Two

When planning a sexy Halloween party for two another option when considering costumes is to go with something that you know will set your lover on fire. If you're man has a thing for Marilyn Monroe or you're woman goes weak in the knees for Johnny Depp then perhaps you can make their dreams come true.

Decorate the house a little to set the mood and fit the theme. Put up some artificial spider webs to capture your lover in. Play spooky music that has a mystical and seductive air. Set up flickering candles or use colored bulbs, florescent lights, black lights or strobe lights. Set up mirrors in various strategic places.

Buy a Halloween trick or treat bag and stuff it full of naughty, delightful treats for your lover to be used with you in a naughty sexcapade. Perhaps you'd like to fill it with a tasty can of whipped cream, a box of chocolates, some strawberries, a sexy thong, beautiful lingerie, or maybe some new sex toys.

At this point there are many different directions your party can go and it all depends on your preferences and desires.

One option is that you can have a delicious romantic meal together. Another option is to carve out pumpkins together but make them X-rated pumpkins. Dancing is always a nice sensual touch.

At the private party for two once again it's very important to actually play the role. Embrace your inner exhibitionist, bad boy, wild girl or whatever the case may be. If you're playing the role of a Stripper or Erotic Dancer then the best course of action is to actually dance or strip for your man. Don't be shy, give him a night he won't soon forget. If you're playing the role of a Gigolo then treat her like a Queen for an evening. Satisfy and pleasure her in every way possible. Leave her breathless and aching for more.

Another very creative option is to put candles in those little tiny miniature pumpkins and then place them all over the bathroom. At the end of your party lure your partner in the bathroom and take a sensual bath together in the flickering candlelight.

If you live in an area where it isn't too cold yet, you can even take it outside for a little more excitement. Decorate the patio or back porch and then make love under the moonlight for an added bewitching touch.

Surprise Halloween Party

Another very alluring alternative is to give your lover a sexy Halloween surprise. Send your lover a sensual invitation along with the costume you've chosen for them and tell them when to meet you. Tell them they must follow the candy corn trail when they arrive.

Decorate the house and then set the mood with some of the suggestions already made above. Create a trail from the driveway to the house with candy corn and have the sidewalk lined with glowing pumpkins.

At the entrance of the door place a pumpkin that has a note on it, "Open This Pumpkin Before Entering." Inside the pumpkin you will put some kind of naughty note that is fitting for whatever role play you're having. Perhaps it will tell them all the naughty things you're going to do them when they enter or all the naughty things you want them to do to you when they enter. Alternatively, you could put a sensual or romantic gift inside the pumpkin.

Greet them at the door in the sexy Halloween costume you've chosen and take it from there.

Whatever option you choose you can't go wrong with a sexy Halloween that's sure to lead to a satisfying and pleasurable lovemaking interlude. It's a wonderful night to allure and tantalize your lover. Don't let this fun holiday slip by without some sensual trick or treating adventures of your own.

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Happy Halloween!

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