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Smoldering Embers - Hot Erotic Stories and Sex Tips to Light a Couple's Fire

Smoldering Embers - Hot Erotic Stories and Sex Tips to Light a Couple's Fire

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"Adult Education at its finest: The perfect blend of frisky entertainment and erotic information. Just the thing for the intelligent lover -- in ALL of us!" Says Rusty Fischer, Author of The Buzz On Sex, Dating & Relationships (Lebhar-Friedman Books, 2001)

"Spicy! This is a fun book for couples to share and delight in together. The stories are great to read aloud, and the tips are eye-opening. A great gift for your lover!"~ Says Jenna Glatzer Editor-in-Chief

"This book blends erotic fiction along with practical advice to enhance the relationship on many levels and does it very well. " ~Kevin Tipple- Professional Reviewer/Writing Porn for Fun and Profit

Have Great Sex, More Arousal, Desire & Passion

Smoldering Embers is a brilliant and exciting book that offers monogamous couples tools to keep the spark alive and the fire burning in their relationship. These powerful tools come in the form of erotic stories and sex tips.

Each erotic story takes place between a loving and passionate couple and serves not only as a source of physical arousal but they also promote new ideas and techniques for a couple to incorporate into their sexual repertoire.

Each sex tip is focused on deepening the sexual experience as a couple. The two together provide you with an enticing menu of sex tips, techniques and secrets guaranteed to keep the sizzle, passion and excitement alive in your relationship.

Smoldering Embers will help you open up and explore your sexuality as a couple and develop a successful sexual relationship that will continue to grow deeper, more passionate, exciting and satisfying within the context of love and monogamy.

Sex is one of the most profound spiritual, emotional and physical experiences we can have in the context of love.

Unfortunately, sex in our society is either repressed or exploited; so many of us have very little understanding of our sexuality or how to maintain a healthy satisfying sexual relationship. Many people grow bored or distant from their lover over time. A lot of couples are not experiencing satisfying sex and not sure why. Monogamous relationships need not grow stagnant or lack excitement and passion.

Smoldering Embers is designed to help you maintain the spark in your monogamous relationship. It guarantees to provide you with the secret fuel that will keep your sensual fires alive and burning. Smoldering Embers is to be used as a source of arousal and entertainment and as an instrument to help you learn, play and grow as a couple.

Try out the suggested novel activities, places and techniques together or surprise your lover with something new and spontaneous.

Perhaps, read the erotic stories out loud to one another. Use it as a means to explore and celebrate your sexuality as a couple.

What Other's are Saying about Smoldering Embers - Hot Erotic Stories and Sex Tips to Light a Couple's Fire

"Smoldering Embers is a great reminder for couples who want to find the magic again. You'll be assured--the thrill isn't gone, it's just waiting for you to rediscover it! This book can help anyone explore an 'old' relationship and find new ways to express mutual satisfaction and love. ~Trudy W. Schuett, author of three novels, and partner in cyberManbooks

"Readers will miss a lot if they just read Cynthia's juicy turn-on stories and leave it at that. As an educator, she uses her hot little vignettes to illustrate different ways women and men can put sizzle into their relationship." ~Laurel Olson Cook - Member of the Kensington Ladies Erotica Society highly recommends this book to its visitors. It is a great resource as well as a tool for your romantic and erotic adventures.

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Written for both the Male and Female Pleasures

Words that are arousing to one person may not be arousing for another. Our individual sexual desires can vary from day to day as well. One day we may want to make tender, passionate love and on another day we may want to take a walk on the wilder side. Still on other days we may crave something in between.

Smoldering Embers provides erotic stories and tips encompassing all points on this continuum, including a variety of different levels of sexual language to fit your every mood and written from both the female and male point of view. The stories and tips complement one another, in that the stories are illustrations and the tips are detailed explanations. So during the course of reading the stories if you come along something you question, flip to the tips section and refer to the specific area on that topic.

As a guide for your utmost pleasure and mood, the erotic stories marked with an asterisk are the stories that are more on the wild side, where as the stories without an asterisk are a little more romantic and tender. Each story is told by either a female or male character and designated as such with an F or M beside the title.

You Can Have Hot, Passionate and Exciting Sex within Monogamy when You:

Smoldering Embers will Provide the Kindling You Need to Help You Attain all of This and More.

"People should buy stock in this book! Due to chronic illness my wife had lost her sex drive. When reading "Smoldering Embers" my wife became, well shall we say, "VERY FRISKY" and made me a very happy man. If this book could arouse my wife with chronic illness, imagine what it can do for others. Thank you for such a great book and keep up the good work." ~Grant (A Very Satisfied Customer)

"I find Cynthia's writings and advice amongst the best available on the market. Her latest offering, Smoldering Embers, will certainly meet many of you right where you live. This is a book for lovers. If you have a companion with an open and adventurous heart this well may be the book for you. Whether you're looking for apt suggestions, "how to" ideas, or simply some stimulation to share together, in front of your own fire, then take a long and close look at Cynthia's Smoldering Embers. You'll be glad you did. ~Jay Sandalwood (A satisfied Customer)

Smoldering Embers Erotic Story Excerpts

Happy Birthday

Divine Oral Pleasures


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