Spooning Sex Position Creates More Intimacy

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Spooning sex position makes the list of best love making positions because of the amount of intimacy it creates. It gets its name because your bodies come together in a way that mimics the way spoons fit together in the drawer.

Spooning Sex Position

True lovemaking is not only about sexual pleasure but also connecting emotionally. This position ranks right up there with the missionary position in it's ability to promote intimacy and emotional connection.

To achieve this position the receiver lies on their side with their partner lying behind them on their side and penetration is achieved from behind.

Spooning position is meant to be a gentle, low stress position with slow rhythmic motions where you take your time, savor, meander and enjoy your lover.

The Many Benefits of Spooning Sex Position

Variations to the Spooning Position

It's very easy after engaging in this position for awhile to then just roll her over on her stomach and lie on her back. She can stay flat or lift her buttocks up in the air by getting up on her knees. You can also roll her over on her back and gracefully slide into the missionary position.

Or she can roll over and face you side by side. When facing each other the woman can put her leg over her lovers, she can position it up higher over his thigh or he can lift his leg over hers offering more variety of sensations for each partner. With his leg over hers, he can lean in towards her body and she can press close to him and stimulate her g spot on the base of his penis. If you're facing one another it provides a good opportunity for some tender, passionate kissing.

During some heavy duty bed rocking and the male is about to climax, but would like to hold off, you can use spooning to slow things down and prolong his erection. After a period of gentle low-impact lovemaking his urge to climax will pass and then you can resume some faster high-impact thrusting or whatever pace you desire.

If you've had an argument and want a quick way to heal the wounds and remove the negative energy there is no better way than spooning.

Spooning sex is a great position to use at night just before going to sleep. After a session of tender relaxing lovemaking you can then fall asleep still wrapped in the spoon position.

Sleeping together in the spooning sex position feeds intimacy and promotes harmony in the relationship. Or what better way to wake up than to roll over and start your day with a little spoon lovemaking first thing in the morning.

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