Sex Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

When the summer heat begins to rise, sometimes it's just too hot for all that close up body contact and physical activity, and yet we yearn for the intimacy and pleasure that sex gives us.

Try some of these cool little sex tips that are great ways to beat the heat and yet still keep the flames of passion alive in your relationship.

Ice Cubes
Incorporate ice cubes into your sexual play and you can cool off and heat up at the same time. Take turns caressing each other with ice cubes and then licking it off.

Summer Sex Tips

The Shower
Turn the shower on as cold as you like and soap each other up. You can use this for a cool down before sexual activity and after. You can also make love in the shower and stay cool during.

Draw a Bath
Fill the tub with nice cool water. You can even throw in some ice cubes to make it a little more chilly. Then crawl in together and play.

In the Swimming Pool
If you have access to a private swimming pool invite your lover for a midnight rendezvous.

In the Lake
If you don't have access to a pool, then take a stroll down to a nearby lake after dark when there's no lifeguard or other visitors around. Take a little skinny dip or make love on the waters edge.

A Quickie
Quickies are great in the summer. Specifically the kind where he bends you over the bed, chair, coffee table etc. and there is very little close body contact. The woman can stimulate her clitoris herself or he can reach around and do it for her.

Mutual Masturbation
Lie beside one another but not against each other and tell each other a sensual story while you both masturbate.

Oral Sex
As we all know, oral sex is often a prelude to intercourse, but during the dog days of summer oral sex can be a great form of sex to replace actual intercourse.

So surprise your lover by dropping to your knees for her or him or bending them over the nearest chair and indulge in some delightful oral delicacies. Hopefully they will be so pleased with your gift that they will quickly reciprocate, if not then gently lead them where you'd like them to be.

Non Sexual Intimacy
Keeping sexual passion alive doesn't always have to come in the form of physical sexual activity. When it's entirely too hot for any physical activity, it's a good time for non sexual intimacy. Spend some time just sitting as close as comfort allows and share your day. Lie at opposite ends of the couch with your legs between one another and talk. Hold hands while watching a movie, laying in bed or sitting on the porch swing or lawn chair. Lay on a blanket outside and observe the clouds or the stars and the moon.

With a little creativity we can keep passion and intimacy from dissipating even during the dog days of summer.

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