Tantric Sex Techniques

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Tantric sex techniques teach us the most supreme lovemaking techniques we can explore. The benefits that can be gained in sexual pleasure, your relationship on the whole, and as a human being are invaluable.

Tantric Sex Techniques

The wisdom found in these principles offers couples the ability to take not only their relationship to a higher, more satisfying level, but their entire life. Some people refer to it as Tantra sex, but that is not the correct term. Many people also confuse it with the Kama Sutra.

Tantra is a practice or a way of life, the Kama Sutra is an ancient lovemaking manual that most people who practice Tantric sex follow. The two often go hand in hand, but they are not one in the same.

Tantra is not a book of sexual techniques, it is a philosophy for living; a set of spiritual beliefs and practices. Tantric Sex is sex that incorporates the Tantra philosophy into it's sexual practices.

Different Interpretations

There are a variety of interpretations of Tantra, so Tantric sex means different things to different people. I will do my best to boil it down to the basics here and give you a brief introduction into how Tantric sex techniques can be used to keep your sex life exciting and fresh and enhance your relationship.

However, keep in mind that what I share here with you is my own interpretation and understanding, which may differ from others. It's also a very narrow generalization of a very broad topic, which does not give it the justice it deserves.

Tantra is a very deep, complex and multi-faceted subject. It can be very confusing to sort out the intricacies and different interpretations. It's not something that can't be absorbed and truly understood by reading one page. To gain the fullest benefit it requires a little study and research. If you're really interested in Tantric Sex Techniques, and would like more in depth information, I highly recommend taking a visit over to Tantra.com They have the most comprehensive and highest quality collection of Tantra material that you can find. Including hundreds of explicit videos, pictures, audios, ebooks, ecourses, articles and personal advice from experts.

Sexual Energy

When practicing Tantric sex techniques, sexual energy is an instrument for spiritual growth and healing. This energy is intentionally and creatively used to achieve awareness, transformation and transcendence. Sex is a vehicle for evolving spiritually.

Tantra is a spiritual science and an art that combines physiology, psychology and philosophy into one. Sexual energy is regarded as the birthplace of life itself and one of the strongest sources of power accessible. To experience sexual pleasure is a taste of the divine.

It adopts ancient techniques and methods that teach couples to become one with their partner, then heighten and prolong this ecstatic bliss. All the senses are engaged and harnessed, leading to lovemaking that can take them to higher, alternate and mystical state of consciousness.

Sexual practices are designed to raise one's level of consciousness and become more compassionate and loving. Each partner learns to be a more skillful and attentive lover and how to pleasure their lover more fully. Men learn to use their breath and PC muscle to gain ejaculatory control. Both partners expand their sexual identities, recognizing the male and female in themselves and explore their feminine and masculine side.

Benefits for Couples

Each couple opens their heart and soul to one another more completely and build bonds that are stronger and long lasting. They not only experience more pleasurable sex, but the whole relationship is elevated to a higher, more satisfying level and they live life more fully.

Each partner reveres the other and the act of sex becomes a rite of love, which has the ability to transport them to a new dimension where it's possible to connect with the ultimate life force itself - the origin of the universe.

Tantric sex techniques are a form of meditation in a sense that encourages deeper intimacy and connection between partners. It is also a doorway to finding your true self and experiencing altered states of consciousness. Depending on what you're reading, the goal of Tantric Sex varies. Some say there is no goal other than fully experiencing the moment, while others say the goal is to hold off orgasm and maintain a state of sexual bliss for as long as possible. I like both of these views and would say that both of them are true simultaneously.

When orgasm is finally achieved, it is mind-blowing, earth shattering and involves the entire body, not just the genitals. It's a deeply spiritual experience as you connect not only with your lover, but the life force of the Universe as well and transcend everyday reality.

What relationship couldn't benefit from the wisdom found in Tantric Sex Techniques? I strongly encourage all couples to at least dabble in some exploration of the principles and all that is available in Tantra. You don't necessarily have to become a full blown Tantrika student or embrace every single aspect of the philosophy to reap the vast amount of rewards and benefits possible.

Investigate, experiment and incorporate the pieces that make sense and are a good fit for you and your relationship. You'll undoubtedly build a relationship that is healthier emotionally, physically and spiritually and of exceptional quality. Not to mention the fact that your sex life will be ecstatic.

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