Giving Thanks for Your Lover on Thanksgiving

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Although we want to be sure to make our partner feel appreciated and loved all year long, Thanksgiving is a good time to give us a little reminder. It's really a very simple act, but one that many couples forget as they get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily living.

After partners have been together for a while, they begin to take each other for granted, and even though they may feel deep appreciation and love for their partner, they forget to let them know or they assume they already know and there is no need to tell them. However, that is not the case. Saying it out loud on a regular basis is essential to the survival of your relationship. As a matter of fact, the longer you've been together, the more important it becomes, because you no longer have the thrill of new love and novelty to keep the spark alive.

Making your partner feel appreciated is crucial to the relationship on both the physical and emotional levels. Emotionally, it enhances your partners self-esteem, their confidence in the relationship and the bond you share. When each partner feels appreciated, then they feel more giving and cooperative with the other partner and thus it creates a reciprocal effect. On the physical level, making your partner feel appreciated is going to increase their sexual desires for you, heighten their arousal and incline them to give you the type of pleasure you desire. Both partners feel closer to one another emotionally and physically and thus will experience a more fulfilling sex life. Additionally it protects your relationship from infidelity. When partners feel unappreciated, they may seek that appreciation outside the relationship from someone else.

Thanksgiving Sex

We tend to think of women as being the ones who find appreciation important, but it is equally important to the male, although he tends not to verbalize it as often. Relationship expert, Gary Neuman, reveals in his new book, The Truth about Cheating: Why Men Stray and What You Can Do to Prevent It, that one of the main reasons that men are unfaithful is because they feel unappreciated. Additionally, feeling unappreciated is often a leading contributor to the loss of sex drive for women.

One of the easiest, yet most powerful ways to express appreciation to your lover is to simply say: "thank you for being in my life."

Other words of appreciation might include "thank you for being such a good mother or father to our children," "thank you for creating this beautiful meal," "I'm grateful to have you as part of my life," thank you for being a great provider," "thank you for the joy you have brought into my life," thank you for loving me" or "thank you for being you."

Your sentiments can be reinforced even louder if you supplement your words by presenting your lover with a thoughtful Thanksgiving card that expresses your feelings even more. This can be especially helpful for those who have difficulty saying the words out loud.

In addition to expressing words of appreciation, it's important to express it with your actions as well, by doing thoughtful things for your lover, like giving them a foot massage after a hard days work, helping them dry the dishes, cooking them their favorite dessert or serving them breakfast in bed.

Hot Thanksgiving Sex

Now, if you want to expand on your appreciation a little further, you can take a few steps to make your Thanksgiving a little more sensual and sexy and put your lover's body on the Thanksgiving menu.

Thanksgiving sex can be a great way to show your lover you appreciate them and ensure a holiday you'll both cherish and remember for a lifetime. It, too, can become part of your tradition.

Not only that, we all know that in addition to the pleasure of this holiday it can also be a time of very high stress, so making time for sex can be a fantastic way to relieve stress and get more focused.

Science tells us that smells often have the impact of eliciting sexual arousal and that is the case with spices found in pumpkin pie, so don't be surprised if you feel a little amorous and don't be afraid to whisk your lover out of the kitchen for a little rendezvous before your meal begins.

Since most of us tend to eat too much on Thanksgiving, having sex before the big meal is the ideal situation. So you might start your morning off with some tender moments under the sheets as an appetizer, or if the situation allows for it, you might have a tradition of having sex in the kitchen while cooking the meal together. Sex on the countertop or against the wall or the fridge can be especially exciting. If there are children in the house, then you can still pull this off, by having your fun before they get up or a quickie in the pantry as they watch the parade.

With all the delicious food that Thanksgiving brings, it is the perfect tool to make your lovemaking event playful and fun. You might try spreading a little pumpkin with whip cream on those special places and licking it off, or if you're really adventurous, your woman has something you can stuff besides the turkey with any of your favorite foods and then scoop it out of her with your tongue.

On the other hand, although you may be too full after your meal to have full blown intercourse, this is the perfect time to just lie in each others arms and savor the feel of your partner next to you and whisper words of appreciation in their ear.

So this year as you sit down to enjoy good food, good company and good times, if you remember to express your appreciation to your lover, you'll make the holiday even more enjoyable, memorable and sentimental, which will only serve to enhance your relationship and all your holidays to come. Make it part of your tradition.

If you need help coming up with more creative ways of expressing your love and appreciation to your lover on Thanksgiving and all year round, you can find 99 of them in my fantastic and very affordable little ebook called "99 Inexpensive Ways to Say I Love You."

Happy Thanksgiving!. Thank you for being a visitor to my website, your patronage is appreciated.

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