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Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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I wanted to make you aware that this week is the last week you can pick up a copy of Michael's Webb great little Ebook 101 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for free. I've read it and think every couple should have a copy and here's why...

In addition to the 101 ideas, what I liked the most and think is the books greatest strength is that it focuses on how to get beyond the commercialization and robotic gestures that often accompany Valentine's Day and really make your Valentine's personal and special for you as a couple. It focuses on connecting, relationship and intimacy.

If you're looking for some truly unique ideas, this is the book for you. Although I may have seen a few of them elsewhere, for the most part these ideas are truly unique and not something you've already read on another site or book. Not only that, they are all extremely affordable, so they are easy on your pocketbook.

For example:

Idea #56
Buy a wind chime and use permanent marker to write a short love message on each chime.

Idea #63
Ask the receptionist where he/she works if they could page your partner during the day. Message: Paging [your valentine’s name]. [Your name] requests the privilege of being your valentine.

The book starts out with a cute and interesting tale of the history of Valentine's Day and Cupid, which is fun and adds depth to the romance. Then it's broken down into several chapters on gift ideas, card ideas, creative ideas, romantic ideas and food & recipe ideas, including a recipe for heart shaped pizza or meatballs and cupids pie and ends with some comical true life stories about Valentine's Day disasters.

The core message in this book reminds us that Valentine's is more about the celebration and the time you spend together as a couple than the gift you buy. You don't need a lot of money for a sensuous and romantic celebration.

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Happy Valentine's Day!