99 Inexpensive Ways to Say I Love You

99 Inexpensive Ways to Say I Love You

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The #1 Reason Relationships Fall Apart
is the Lack of Expressing Love

Yes, that's right. Most couples don't break up because they don't love each other anymore. They have simply stopped showing one another how much they care. They no longer feel special, appreciated and desired.

Do you wonder where the spark in your relationship has gone? Is your relationship in a rut and lacking vitality ? Are you and your lover not as close as you once were? Has your sex life become boring or routine?

Would you like to rekindle that flame of passion you shared in the beginning with your lover? You can have these feelings again. It's really very simple.

Consistency is the Key!

Consistently let your lover know how much you love them.

Consistently make your lover feel special and cared for.

Consistently let your lover know how important they are to you.

Consistently make your lover feel desired and appreciated.

You Must Be Consistent!

Learn the Secrets for Expressing Your Love
in Everything You Do

The single most important way to say I love you is with words. However, your actions are just as important to back up and reinforce those words.

Beautiful store bought gifts are always enjoyed and appreciated, but the most effective ways to show someone how much you care don't cost anything and come straight from the heart.

99 Inexpensive ways to say I love you will provide you with the consistency you need to renew your love on a daily basis and keep your passion alive.

Yes, this compact, down to earth, little love manual is packed full of strategies, tips and secrets for enriching your relationship with love in ways you never thought were possible.

That's right, it really is that uncomplicated. By simply expressing your love to your partner on a consistent basis you can reclaim the romance you once shared, enhance the quality of your relationship, strengthen the bonds with your lover and safeguard your relationship from erosion and destruction. All it takes is a little effort each day and you'll be the envy of all other couples.

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