Use the Liberator Wedge to
Enhance Your Sex Positions

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

The liberator wedge can take your lovemaking to a more exciting and satisfying level.

Enjoy new positions or enhance some of your favorites.

You'll Experience:

Liberator Wedge

*Deeper Penetration

*Increased Flexibility

*Heightened Pleasure

*Better G Spot Stimulation

*Easier Access

*Intensified Sensations

*Better Oral Sex

*A New Spark of Creativity and Adventure

*Free Sex Position Manual

*Enhanced Anal Sex

The Liberator Wedge comes with a Washable Cover, A Nylon Carrying Bag for Adventures on the Go and a Free 44 Page Sex Positions Manual

A great way for couples to spice up the common everyday positions.

The soft silky surface inspires a sensual mood for experimentation and pleasure.

Have hours of fun exploring all the new possibilities available to you. Can be easily moved from one room to another and one surface to another.

The liberator wedge is a toy you can buy with complete confidence that your purchasing a quality product that delivers what it promises.

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