Woman on Top Position or Cowgirl Sex Position

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

The woman on top position, also known as the cowgirl sex position, is one of the best lovemaking positions first and foremost because it not only gives the woman complete control in satisfying herself but she can also control the speed, positioning and depth of penetration. She can position herself to hit all her right spots in exactly the way she needs.

From this position she can arrange herself in a variety of ways to stimulate both her clitoris and her g spot. The feeling of power for the woman can be very arousing as well. And it's a great position for your inner exhibitionist to come out if you're hiding one.

Woman on Top Position

But this woman dominant position is also a common favorite for the male as well. Most men are voyeurs at heart, they left to watch their woman in action and see their penis penetrate her. Men love it when their woman takes the initiative now and then and the woman on top is an exciting change for both partners to switch roles.

With the woman on top it takes the pressure off the male for performing and pleasuring the woman and gives him a chance to sit back and enjoy the ride.

This position also allows for great eye contact which increases intimacy and his hands are free to caress her breasts, body and buttocks.

There are a wide range of variations with the woman on top from riding the wild stallion to slow and gentle rocking that will increase sexual pleasure for both partners.

For great stimulation to the clitoris and g spot simultaneously, after she slides down over the penis, she can lean her torso forward, keeping her crotch pressed close to his base and do a rocking back and forth or rubbing motion. She should slide her hips from front to back. His pubic bone or base of his penis will give her a great spot to rub her clit.

Still maintaining this position in the upper half of the body, extend your legs down in between his legs and continue to rock. This love making position will stimulate your clitoris and your g spot at the same time even more. Pulling your legs back up and leaning backwards while rocking will stimulate her g spot by itself.

You can also get some heavy-duty bed rocking going on with some incredible deep penetration by bucking and riding him like a wild pony. This is probably the primary reason this position acquired its nickname, the cowgirl sex position.

The woman on top can also be used to help the male have longer endurance because the woman controls the pace. So you can use it to prolong your lovemaking session and intensify climax. You can bring yourself and your partner to the brink repeatedly and stop. She can also mesmerize him by swiveling her hips and squeezing her muscles around his shaft.

The woman on top can have fun teasing her man and building arousal by holding his penis in her hand and masturbating him while she rubs him up and down her vaginal opening. She can also caress her clitoris with his head. Hold out on penetration until your both highly aroused.

She can change her angle and rhythm to stimulate her clitoris or g spot. Her angle and rhythm can also be adjusted to pleasure her lover.

By turning around (also known as reverse cowgirl) and facing away from him will give him an incredible view of her buttocks and of his penis going in and out. This will also give her fantastic stimulation of clitoris and especially her g spot. It gives him the deep penetration he loves so much. He can caress her buttocks and finger her anus while watching his penis going in and out of her. In this position she can caress his testicles or reach in with her hand and stimulate her clitoris.

She can swivel around in a variety of positions switching from one to the other, giving her lover a great show and intense pleasure for both partners. She can change positions throughout the lovemaking session without ever taking the penis outside of her.

For more intense stimulation of the clitoris and more intense orgasm for both partners she can press down against him, taking him inside completely until her buttocks are against his testicles. Then make small rhythmic movements against his pelvis; not an up and down thrusting. Press hard against him and rock back and forth. For an intimate moment she can lean down and kiss him passionately.

In another variation of the woman on top, she can straddle her man, squat with her feet placed flat on the bed, take his penis inside and move up and down. It takes a lot of stamina to stay in this position for too long, so you probably won't last too long. This wild cowgirl sex position is for the very flexible and adventurous.

With many of these variations he can grab her buttocks and pull the woman in closer and he can lift upwards with pressure against her pelvis to stimulate her clitoris or g spot even more intensely or with another angle give himself deeper penetration.

The woman can also lie down across the male with the penis inside her and then grind and rock against his pelvic bone with her clitoris. She can change the sensation she experiences by putting her legs inside his or outside his. The full body contact of this position encourages deep intimacy as well.

With any of these variations of the cowgirl sex position he will have a better show if he props his head up on the pillow.

The male can pull her breasts to his lips and lick and suck them or bury his face between them. When she leans forward she can keep the penis from falling out by pressing firmly down against the penis and making circles with her hips around the base, not an up and down stroking.

The woman can also sit sideways on her man, with one of his legs between hers for more good deep penetration.

For extra pleasure for her male, she can wrap her fingers around the base of the penis while he is inside her and squeeze.

The woman on top position can also be used to prolong ejaculation, because when a mans on his back, his erection and ejaculation reflexes are slowed down. If he feels he's going to come too soon, the woman can change her angle, rhythm, and depth and slow things down until his urge to come dissipates and then she can resume and re-arouse.

Any of the woman on top positions or cowgirl sex positions are great for the couple during pregnancy. Since the woman can control depth, speed and rhythm in this position it makes easy for her to make lovemaking comfortable for her which enables her to continue intercourse throughout the length of her pregnancy. Since she has control this ensures her he won't get too carried away.

The woman on top is also great if the male has an illness or recent surgery.

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