Have Yourself a Sexy Little Xmas

By Great Sex Coach Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.
Excerpted from The Lovemaking Smorgasbord

Christmas time, Winter Solstice or whatever holiday you celebrate provides you with an abundance of ways to have fun with your partner and spice things up in the bedroom or whatever room you like. With all the gift giving and decorating, you can use this as an opportunity to decorate your love life and have a sexy Xmas or holiday.

To give your lover a real treat, you can wrap your naked self in wrapping paper or a big red bow or cover your birthday suit with a variety of small bows strategically placed and lie underneath the Xmas tree to be unwrapped.

There are numerous variations you could add to that scenario, such as hanging or inserting candy canes in "special places" or melting chocolate and pouring it over those "special places," (after it has cooled, of course), to be licked off.

Sexy Xmas

Visit your local adult toy store and fill a stocking with a variety of your lover's favorite naughty toys or some new ones that you have never tried as a couple.

Hide a special gift such as a lovely thong or sexy briefs on the Xmas tree for your lover to find.

You could make a thong out of ribbon and use tinsel as your boa or wrap around and dance for your lover. You could also put some bells on your bows or your ribbon for a little added jingle.

Share a box of holiday chocolates by feeding them to one another with your fingers and eating them off each other's bodies. Don't forget to softly lick each other's fingers clean.

Show up at your lover's door wearing sexy lingerie or nothing under your coat and sing them Xmas carols.

Make a homemade Xmas card and insert a naked photo of yourself.

Hang mistletoe everywhere throughout your house and kiss your lover under every one of them or strategically place the mistletoe on your body for your lover to kiss each area.

Making love under the Xmas tree with all the lights off except the tree lights can be very romantic and fun.

Create a naughty and sexy Xmas land by decorating your bed and bedroom with lights, tinsel, and icicles.

Trim your tree naked or wearing your hot Santa boxers or sexy little Elf costume.

String some popcorn and wrap it around your body for your lover to have a little snack.

Put some holiday lights or candles in the bathroom, turn on your favorite holiday tunes and take a long sensual bath together.

Give your lover a homemade holiday coupon that entitles them to an evening of lovemaking of their choice.

Present your lover with their holiday gifts wearing nothing but your birthday suit or the sexiest underwear you can find. Don't forget your Santa hat!

Be sure to let your lover know how much you love them, how important they are to you and how much you appreciate them, either by whispering it sensuously in their ear, writing it lovingly in a poem, or enclosing it in their sexy Xmas card.

Oh the opportunities are about infinite. Use your imagination, be creative and have a fun and passionate holiday.

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